Today we went to the doctor for our first appointment for baby #3. Since we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl and won’t find out, I will call it baby #3 for now. Brooke let me know, I think the same way as the first two, by showing me the pregnancy test a few weeks ago. I was certainly surprised because it usually takes about 1 year once we start “trying”.

photo 2

As a hint, I started growing out my beard. If you’ll notice, I usually only do it when my wife is pregnant. No one caught on…


So, back to the appointment. We don’t exactly know how far along we are because we should be at 10 weeks but she is measuring at about 12 weeks so they’ve ordered an ultrasound. We all got to hear the baby’s heartbeat today too. Here is a link to the recording.

Also, please be praying for Brooke. She gets very sick during pregnancy and it’s pretty much 24/7 until the end. It will be more difficult than other since she has to take care of 2 boys all day.