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Well I head off to work here in a little bit, just thought I’d write while I have a little time. I can’t believe I can’t keep up with this. I just never have anytime. I wish I could write everyday. I guess I’ll update you the best I can. Big thing this week is I had an interview last week with another department in Wells Fargo and I find out this week if I got it or not. I am very nervous… well that’s not the word, just excited to find out. I know that if God doesn’t want me there then I don’t want to be there, so we’ll see what he does. I just dread going to work and calling people all day for not paying their bills. I know a lot of people don’t like their jobs, but I’ve like all of mine but this one. I really like my team though and it would be hard to leave them. I will let you know when I find out.

Yesterday we had our Easter service and it was great. There were some problems with sound and things but I tried my best to focus on God and not the problems. I just get really frustrated when I know the potential our church has in this area but we’re not reaching it. And I know other people are getting distracted when that is the last thing you want. After church we went up to a park here in Ankeny and brought our cats. We had a little picnic and they really enjoyed it . Here’s a picture of Emma at the park.

We saw a lot of people there with their dogs and it made us start talking about getting a dog. We’ve talked before and I already had a # of some people in the paper that I wanted to call. There happened to be wireless internet in the area and I had my laptop so I signed on and got the #. There were from Loen, Iowa. We decided to take the cats home and drive down and see what they had. We knew we wanted a female and when we got there they had a new litter of Beagles. We picked this one and named her Lily:

She is the cutest and we can bring her home in about 3 weeks. I’ll post more pictures later. I have to get ready for work now but hopefully I can keep this up to date again… Bye!

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