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    Hi, can you tell I’ve been busy that last week? I haven’t written for a whole week. So let’s start kinda where we left off. We went to Minnesota with the Curtis’s. We went to the Mall of America that Saturday and then just hung out in Rochester the rest of the weekend at Brooke’s […]

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    Hey, just got back from Bible study for Impact and Awana. Check out our churches website under “PLACES” at ahhyeah.com and see what it’s all about. They were both really good tonight. Brooke wasn’t able to come to Awana ’cause she had to study, and now we’re getting back from Bible study so late we’re […]

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    Great, I missed another day. Oh well, I’m just going to have to realize that I’m not going to make in on here every day. You didn’t miss much yesterday anyways. There was just the typical work. Brooke has classes on Monday nights so I usually get to work on my website those nights. I […]

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    OK, two in one day, makes up for ones I’ve missed. We just got home from going out to eat with some people from church. It was fun. It’s hard to find people to hang out with once you’re married. Especially decent people. I’ll have to say My favorite is still the Curtis family. But […]

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    Dangit, I’ve done it again. I’ve missed 2 days of my Blog. I hate when that happens. Well, Friday I just worked all day. No customers as usual. I came home and Brooke and I watched a movie. Saturday I worked too ’cause Gpa was still out of town. No promising customers. After work we […]

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    Well this day started off great. After taking my sister to school, we ran out of gas on the interstate. Sounds like I’m an idiot I know, but not completely. The gas gauge is broke on our Blazer. I think it has a bad ground or something. Anyway, to make a long story short, we […]

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    Ok, I finally found this again. I’m not sure who’s ever going to read this… But I’ll put this out there for people to read if they really have that much free time :) I’m not going to go into the past much, just start today and go from there. Today is a typical day. […]

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    I don’t really know what I’m doing yet so I’m going to just start typing as see where it goes.