Doug, Brooke, Denver, Carson, Ashton, Braxton & Lydia Porter



First Impression

First Impression, originally uploaded by ahhyeah. Grandpa bought Denver a flower to hang on his carseat. He is staring at it.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby, originally uploaded by ahhyeah. We went shopping at Wal-Mart and Denver was a happy baby.

Free Cats

Free Cats, originally uploaded by ahhyeah. We are moving back to a condo and are looking for a home for our cats. Let me know if you’re interested.

Cato in a Tie

Cato in a Tie, originally uploaded by ahhyeah. Cato in a Tie

Don’t Choke

Don’t Choke, originally uploaded by ahhyeah. This was on a bag that came with a dell laptop.

The Millers

The Millers, originally uploaded by ahhyeah. Abe & Jessie had us over for dinner, here’s the kiddos.


To start today, I was really tired. And so I’m going to try to get to bed before 12 tonight. Work was normal, I got a good amount of things listed. After work I stopped by another store like ours… Continue Reading →


Today was a busy day and when I thought I had nothing to do this next week, I got lots of things from people at church to do. This morning we went in and set up the stage since we… Continue Reading →


Owww… My back is sore. We had our back yard barbecue today and after carrying all the equipment in and out, my back is very sore. I thought it was going to be canceled due to the tons of rain… Continue Reading →


Ok, I promise this won’t be as long as yesterday, couple reasons, one the internet is being flakey so I don’t want to type all this and then have the net go down and not get anything.. and two, ’cause… Continue Reading →

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