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#WG09 – Twitpics

Here’s all the pics I could find on Twitpic of Worship God ’09 Conference: All pictures were not taken by me. Find the original pics here.

#WG09 – Twitvid

Here’s are a couple vids from different people on Twitter during the Worship God ’09 Conference:

#WG09 – Quotes

I’ve been at the Worship God ’09 Conference this week and have heard some amazing things. Here are some of the quotes I’ve pulled from Twitter about the conference. Some quotes may not be word for word. I just pulled… Continue Reading →

@KJ52 Friday Freestyles from iPhone on Qik.com

An artist I’ve been listening to for the past couple years knows as KJ52 has been using qik and I’m pretty sure his iPhone to stream video live. Some of his videos are done on every Friday called “Friday Freestyles”…. Continue Reading →

Bair Update March 2009

Bair’s October Update

A good friend of mine is heading to Brazil next year as a missionary. I post his video updates here. You can learn more at BrazilBairs.com

Lucas’s August Update

June Update from Lucas

Lucas in Cali

My buddy Lucas is touring churches raising support to be a missionary to Brazil. This past couple weeks he was in California and I’m super jealous. Here’s a couple videos. The first is his update and second is trying sushi… Continue Reading →

Vacation to Kentucky

Tomorrow we will be going for a week long trip to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We’re going with my grandparents and my cousin Brian and his family. That’s right, 6 adults and 4 children under 3! Pray for… Continue Reading →

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