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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-04

RT @cnnbrk: Horses stampede at Bellevue, Iowa, parade, injuring 24. # Getting a pizza — at Target # Java chip! — at Starbucks # Starbucks, BBQ Pringles and frozen pizza! Happy 4th of July! # @ryanbrancheau looks yummy! in reply to ryanbrancheau # Now this is my kinda party! #

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Baby Update #3

Ok, the latest is… the doctor came in and broke Brooke’s water. And starting around 10:00am they will start the pitocin in her IV to induce labor. Also the amniotic fluid was green meaning the baby went potty so pray it doesn’t swallow some or that can be bad. All else is good.

Brooke Denver News

Baby Update #2

A little more news. Our first nurse had to go home so we have a new one now. She offered to let Brooke get in the wirlpool and of course Brooke accepted. The nurse also said the doctor will probably break her water when she gets here although we don’t know when that will be. […]

Brooke Denver News

Baby Update

Well we are at the hospital now and here to stay. Brooke was having contractions every four and a half minutes so we decided to come down. As of now she is dialated to a 3. Only troubles so far is starting the IV. Otherwise all is good. Keep checking back for more updates.