anything about our new baby before it is born

Brooke’s Uneventful Baby Update

Today’s Baby Appointment

Getting Closer

Everyday we think is going to be the day our new baby arrives but it’s still not here yet. We have a lot of people asking all the time what’s going on so I thought I’d just write it here… Continue Reading →

What I Did Today – Dec 4, 2006

Wow, today went way too fast, except the 2 hours I waited at the baby doctor’s for the locksmith to come ’cause I locked myself out of my van again (3rd time). We found out that the baby is normal… Continue Reading →

Looking for a new home & baby classes

We’re still looking for a new home that can house a new baby, our dog, and two cats. We’ve got 3 last houses to look at and then we’ll be making a decision. Pray we make the right one. We… Continue Reading →

Baby Moving


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