Doug is the Technology Manager of Saylorville Church & founder of Apple iPhone School. He's the father of 4 boys & 1 girl and is married to Brooke Porter.

Labor Day Weekend

We traveled home this weekend for Labor Day. While in Minnesota we visited the Minnesota State Fair. It rained on us so we had to leave early. I had to run 5 blocks to the car in the pouring rain. Here’s some Pictures: ahhyeah’s Minnesota State Fair photoset Not sure if that’s gonna work. Later […]

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Ok, I’ve gotten a little behind again, but here’s a quick catch up… Over the past couple days here’s what I’ve been doing: working at the eBay store, we’ve been trying to list as much as possible lately. The owner is in a big push to start making the store money. We’re also getting bogged […]



To start today, I was really tired. And so I’m going to try to get to bed before 12 tonight. Work was normal, I got a good amount of things listed. After work I stopped by another store like ours to see what it was like. I’ll have to say it was pretty professional. Anyway, […]



Today was a busy day and when I thought I had nothing to do this next week, I got lots of things from people at church to do. This morning we went in and set up the stage since we had it all messed up from the day before at the barbeque. Everything went well […]



Owww… My back is sore. We had our back yard barbecue today and after carrying all the equipment in and out, my back is very sore. I thought it was going to be canceled due to the tons of rain we were getting but God, of course, is in control and the rain stopped just […]



Ok, I promise this won’t be as long as yesterday, couple reasons, one the internet is being flakey so I don’t want to type all this and then have the net go down and not get anything.. and two, ’cause I’m really tired. I slept in today though until 10am, I haven’t done that forever, […]



Here we go, another busy day. I started off as usual getting ready for work. I was trying to get there early so I could leave early because I had a meeting with Pastor to video tape some stuff for him. Anyways, I was also looking around for some CDs of a customers and was […]